« Inventing sustainable design figures » / 50 architects and sustainability

Franck Boutté and Mohamed Benzerzour’s contribution, Archibooks, 2013


« A building to touch : flexibility and constraints” / Optimistic Architecture Yearbook 

Franck Boutté’s article about a nursery building in Paris by ECDM-Combarel & Marrec Architects, published in “Optimistic Architecture Yearbook 2011”, French Touch editions, June 2012

« Sustainability with a Hammer » / STREAM Magazine

Franck Boutté’s article and Olympe Rabaté’s illustrations published in STREAM n°2 “After-Office”, bilingual and interdisciplinary magazine gathering contributions about the future of offices from architects (Philippe Rahm, Philippe Chiambaretta), philosophers (Bernard Stiegler), designers (Bouroullec), artists (Nicolas Moulin), critics (Nicolas Bourriaud, Marie-Ange Brayer) and real estate developers, June 2012

“Positive energy : from building scale toward territory scale” / Le courrier de l’architecte

Franck Boutté’s interview by Emmanuelle Borne, Le courrier de l’architecte, March 2011

« The 50 who made the city in 2010″ / Archistorm

Franck Boutté has been selected over 50 international personnalities by Archistorm magazine team, Archistorm #45, nov.-dec. 2010

«Language and sustainability » / Archistorm

Franck Boutté’s interview by Julie Weber-Thiaville, Archistorm #44, sept.-oct. 2010

« From BEPOS toward TEGPOS » / Architecture and Sustainability, a great challenge

Franck Boutté’s article : “From BEPOS to TEGPOS : going from an energy autonomy goal to an ideal of greater good, a way to link living together with high performance”, Bouygues Immobilier &  Archibooks, September 2010

« Sustainability : a new tyranny for Good ? » / l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Franck Boutté’s column for l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, AA n° 375, October 2009

« Architecture = Sustainable » / Exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Franck Boutté’s texts and expertise for the exhibition catalogue “Architecture = Durable”, exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal from 06/24/08 to 11/02/08, Editions Picard et Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 2008

« Guidelines for action-oriented sustainability » / l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Mohamed Benzerzour’s article for l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, A’A’ n° 378, July 2010

« Franck Boutté’s point of view on new green regulations » / CyberBTP

Franck Boutté’s interview by Emmanuelle Borne on the RT2012, April 2010

« Franck Boutté is an explorer of new worlds » Le courrier de l’architecte

Franck Boutté’s portrait by Emmanuelle Borne, April 2010

« Photo-album of a philosopher engineer » Le courrier de l’architecte

Projects’ portfolio of Franck Boutté Consultants office, April 2010

« French ecosdistricts » / Les Echos

Franck Boutté’s interview by Laurence Boccara,, February 2009

« The green dogma » / Sud-Ouest

Franck Boutté’s interviw by Julien Rousset, Sud Ouest newspaper, December 2009

« Windows and transparency : An other view » / L’écho de la baie

Franck Boutté’s interview by Guy Archambault, L’Echo de la baie, September 2006